Wax Melts

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Have you tried wax melts yet?

With Wax Melts you can enjoy clean scents without the toxic chemicals found in most other waxes, as well as being free from synthetic fragrances and dyes. Plus they are easy to use - just pop one into your tea light or electric wax burner and give it a little time to melt before filling your space with the delicious aroma!

Wax melts are scented chunks of wax that release fragrance when heated. Unlike candles, wax melts don't have a wick so need to be heated in either a tealight or electric wax burner. Additionally, because they do not evaporate you can simply reheat them until the fragrance goes. Wax Melts come 6 in each package and are clean burning with non toxic, organic scents for only $5.99

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